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Accuspeak speech dictation mask

The Shell
- AccuSpeak uses a quarter inch plastic housing designed for a leading Telecommunication company.

     This thickness helps out in two areas:

1.      It helps keep the sound from the reporters voice inside the mask
2.       It stops exterior sound from entering the microphones

Both of these key items are important factors in accurate speech recognition.

Ventilation - The AccuSpeak uses a front angled tube for proper ventilation. This allows the correct amount for air to enter and exit the mask while minimizing the sound that exits the mask. The ventilation tube can be custom modified to be longer or shorter to dampen the sound waves.

Cable Grommet - A heavy duty rubber grommet is used at the point where the microphone wires exit the shell of the mask. This was done to protect the wires from wear at the same spot that we have witnessed other manufacturers masks fail.






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