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Accuspeak speech dictation mask

    All microphones used in the AccuSpeak are dynamic elements. Dynamic elements are passive (do not require power) and have proven to be one of the more durable elements available. Below are the microphones that we currently use:

  • M2 - This is a custom mic created exclusively for AccuSpeak and it was designed to replace the M1. It has the same characteristics as the M1 but with improved components. This is the reccommended element when using Dragon Naturally Speaking. Customer Response with the element has been fantastic.

  • M4 - This mic is the smallest one offered by AccuSpeak. About the size of a dime, weighing less then .4 oz, four of these can be placed in a single shell with no problem. This mic is often used as a backup, but can also be used to record the main voice track.

Microphone Positioning: Each microphone is carefully soldered and positioned permanently into the shell. Correct mic angle and placement is key for the most accurate dictation.


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