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Accuspeak speech dictation mask

The only speech dictation mask specifically designed for speech recognition!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider an AccuSpeak mask:

Uses dynamic microphone elements for durability
  • M2 microphone is a custom designed microphone used exclusively with AccuSpeak.
  • Uses two different microphones that were specifically chosen to allow for the widest range of dictation volumes
Reusable moisture absorbing inner material

  • Prevents moisture buildup during extended usage
High quality flexible audio cable
  • Triple shielded cables ensure durability and less interference
  • Molded 3.5mm jacks ensure solid connection
  • Stereo jack for wider connectivity
  • Industrial cable gromment for cable protection and mask seal
Can be custom configured
  • Microphones can be cloned to add redundancy
  • Cable length can be lengthened or shortened
  • Ventilation tube can be altered for different venting requirements
Wide variety of seals
  • Gray Seal: Full face or mouth only
  • Large Gel
  • Small Gel
  • Soft Seal (leather)
Full warranty
  • New mask price includes one year warranty. Extended maintenance warranty available
Discrete color

  • Black body housing


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